Toucan Box review & Free sample

For a while now I have been a member of inbox pounds and have just earned my first cheque for just over £20 for receiving paid emails and answering a few surveys. I had never actually purchased anything from the offers that they have sent but I received an email a week or so ago offering free samples of a Toucan Box and I decided to give it a go.

Toucan box send personalised boxes to your child that contain everything that you need to complete a craft project and I knew that No 4 would love it. I went for the Petite box option which will cost me £3.95 for each box, which are sent once per fortnight. The first box was free but you do need to hand over your payment details for a continuing subscription. You can cancel after you receive your free box without paying anything but if you are anything like me there is every possibility of forgetting so it is definitely not for everyone.

When I signed up the plan was to cancel before I paid for anything, but my daughter was so delighted that I have decided to continue and see if the continuing subscription is as good as the first box.

They also offer a selection of other boxes, the Grande box at £9.95 per month or the Super box for £16.95 per month. The Grande box contains everything you need for 2 activities along with a book and stickers. The Super box contains enough for 4 activities plus a book and stickers. The two larger boxes also offer the option of paying an extra £4.95 so that you have enough materials for a sibling to do the project too. The box I received though contained enough to make two of the project so this is not always necessary.

The box that arrived was addressed to my daughter, which delighted her as she doesn’t usually get any post. The external appearance of the box was appealing and she was very eager to get started.

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2)

The project contained in my free sample was a pair of jelly fish that climb up ribbons. Everything that we needed to complete the project, other than a pair of scissors was included. It even included coloured pencils to colour the jellyfish in. The instruction booklet was very clear and No 4 (age 7) was able to read and follow the instructions herself without any assistance from me.

photo 3

No 4 made the first jellyfish and No 3 was going to make the other jellyfish but eventually decided that he would rather be using his iPad so No 4 made the second jellyfish too. When he saw the result though he was very keen to be involved in racing the jellyfish up the french doors!

photo 1

Altogether the project took No 4 about 3/4 of an hour to make but it has provided No 2, 3 & 4 with hours of fun racing the jellyfish up the french doors (not to mention the fun myself and DH have had racing them when the kids are asleep!)

If you would like to try a free box of your own then click here

Disclaimer: If you follow the link above to the Toucan Box website you will get a free petite box but I also get a box at half price. If you are not happy with this you can go to the site directly and get a petite box at half price here . I believe in integrity, will provide honest reviews and will only recommend products that I am happy to use myself. You will be required to provide payment details but you can cancel without paying anything. If you are not happy with this the please do not sign up.