Furniture Choice Blogger Competition Entry

This is my entry for the Furniture Choice Blogger Competition

I have a number of items of furniture to choose from when finding something that needs to be  replaced!  A lot of our furniture has been around for at least 10 years and a lot is no longer fit for purpose.

The thing that would make the biggest difference to our family life however is a new dining table and chairs.  We purchased our current one before the youngest two were born and therefore the one we have is not big enough to accommodate everyone, which prevents us all from eating together a lot of the time.  I love dining with the  whole family as it is a special time to catch up with what has been happening during the day and to converse with the kids who I am sure would prefer to be eating in front of the TV.  It is a particular problem if we have guests as no one has enough elbow room to eat anything.  The table and chairs have also suffered over the years.  No 4 is a keen artist and the table looks the worst for its regular encounters with paint, pens, glue and scissors.  Because we purchased the table before the younger two were born we also have odd chairs as we added extras later on.  As you can see from the pics the chairs have also suffered from the attack of paint and glue, plus the older ones are water damaged and extremely ricketty!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


The paint splattered chairs are particularly embarrassing when we have guests, especially when whey wobble  as they sit down.  Christmas is always fun as we have to resort  to putting our particularly attractive camping table on the end of the dining table!

Furniture Choice have a number of lovely dining sets to choose from, all of which would be a significant improvement on ours!

However, my favourite is the Harrison & Newark Extending Dining Set.  It comes with four chairs at £499 which I could purchase if I won the competition.  I would need to add a couple more chairs though but at £69.99 each this is a small price to pay for the ability to sit down together at every meal time.



I am sure that you would agree that this would be a vast improvement to our living space and really improve the quality of our family life.


6 thoughts on “Furniture Choice Blogger Competition Entry

  1. Aww how heart warming, you definitely deserve to win, every family should be able to sit down together to eat, so important. Good luck I hope you win x


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